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Do you suspect that you may have obtained a counterfeit copy of Intuit's QuickBooks financial software? You can now check your QuickBooks registration number against a list of known, counterfeit registration numbers.

Through various anti-piracy efforts, we have been able to identify certain QuickBooks registration numbers that have been illegally duplicated and used to enable counterfeit copies of QuickBooks products. In order to protect yourself from the negative effects of piracy, please take a moment to check your QuickBooks product registration number below.

Follow the easy steps below. This registration checking process is anonymous and Intuit does not collect information about you through this process:

  1. Find your QuickBooks product 'Registration Number'. To find your product Registration Number, open a session in QuickBooks; Press the F2 key on your keyboard; [You will see a screen that resembles the one below]; The product Registration Number is found directly under the Installation Key Code.
  2. Enter your QuickBooks product Registration Number in the form provided below, and submit the form.
  3. If your QuickBooks product Registration Number is one of the comprised numbers, please see "What can you do if you unwittingly obtained pirated software?"
Registration Number:   
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