Downloading financial information with Web Connect for QuickBooks*


The following steps explain how to activate your existing QuickBooks account(s) or create one or more new QuickBooks accounts for Web Connect online access.


1.       When you select Download to QuickBooks from your financial institutionís Website, a dialog box appears that asks whether you want to process transaction now or save them for later processing.


2.       Click the Have QuickBooks process these transactions now radio button to continue.

The Select Bank Account dialog box appears.

(If you use QuickBooks on another computer, you can click the Save the transactions for later processing radio button and then transfer the files to the other computer.)


3.       Click the Use an existing QuickBooks account radio button and select an account from the drop-down list, or click the Create a new QuickBooks account radio button and type a name for the account, and then click Continue.

Note: You only need to select the account for this first download. After the account is activated for Web Connect account access, future downloads will download to this account automatically.


4.       When QuickBooks confirms that your Web Connect data has been successfully read into QuickBooks, click OK.

Your first download is complete.

Refer to the following section to download transactions from now on.



Keeping Your QuickBooks Accounts Up-to-Date

From the Online Banking Center, you can download transactions, view a summary of your transactions, and enter downloaded transactions into a QuickBooks register.


1.       From the QuickBooks Banking menu, choose Online Banking Center.

2.       In the Online Banking Center, select a financial institution from the Financial Institution list box.

3.       In the Items to Send area, click the desired statement and then click Go Online.

4.       When your financial institution's website appears, follow the instructions on the website to download your transactions into QuickBooks.

5.       In the Items Received From Financial Institution area, click the desired statement and then click View. The Match Transactions window appears.

6.       In the Match Transactions window, check the Show Register check box.

7.       From the list at the bottom of the Match Transactions window, choose a transaction to add to the register and then click Add to Register.

8.       Follow the on-screen prompts to perform the desired activities.

9.       When the transaction appears in the register, choose an account for the transaction from the Account drop-down list and then click Record.


* Web Connect is only supported in QuickBooks 2003 and forward.If you are using QuickBooks 2002 or lower, you must first upgrade in order to use this download feature.



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